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Calm, authoritative, experienced views when asked for an opinion

Reassuring advice at initial diagnosis, based on experience of supporting hundreds of women who have been through a breast cancer diagnosis

A safe environment to talk about the impact of your diagnosis on you, your family and your work

Practical advice if you are undergoing reconstruction surgery including how to prepare and how to encourage your family to give you emotional and practical support

A confidential place to voice your fears, concerns and worries, patients often find they have no other place for these conversations

Actionable ways to formulate questions that you might have for your healthcare professionals but don't have the language or confidence to articulate

I can refocus your mind by reassuring, giving practical advice based on experience with hundreds of women who have been in similar positions

Exploring all the options open to you at every stage in your process from diagnosis to all clear and beyond - without the pressure of family members or surgeons being present

Offering post-operative support to help you look forward and understand what the coming weeks, months, years might look like

Helping Reduce Stress and Anxiety of A Cancer Diagnosis

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One to One Support

Care. Help. Support. Guidance.

Care. Help. Advice. Support.

Remember, you are not alone. Together, we can confront the challenges that cancer presents, celebrating every milestone and finding joy in even the smallest victories. Take the first step on your journey towards a life filled with resilience, strength, and renewed purpose. Reach out to Alison today, and let us embark on this transformative path together.

alison bailey one to one coaching
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