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You may not understand the prognosis 

You maybe newly diagnosed with cancer or coming through treatment or about to re-start your life after discharged from treatment. 

You maybe worried about how to "let go" of your cancer diagnosis or how to cope with the changes that being a patient is bringing to you and your family.

Or you maybe a partner of someone who has just been diagnosed and want some coaching support, so that you can offer your partner the support and understanding they need.

As a fully qualified cancer nurse and coach, I believe I can give you that extra bit of support and advice when you need it.

You may be worried about how to "let go" of your cancer diagnosis or how to cope with the changes that being a patient is bringing to you and your family.

You may not understand what happens from here

How can I help 

If a patient, family member, or friend contacts me today, they can expect to have a conversation about their specific requirements and discover how I can customise my services to suit their individual needs.


Whether its for an initial consultation or to gather more information, I am here to provide tailored assistance.

Get in touch
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More About Alison

Alison Bailey Coaching

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Alison has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of support throughout the cancer journey. She has experienced the highs and lows, the triumphs and setbacks, and deeply comprehends the profound impact they can have on your life. Her mission is to guide you through the darkest moments and help you discover the inner light that resides within.

Navigating the ups and downs of cancer can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. I recognize the unique challenges you encounter—the fears that haunt your nights and the questions that seem to lack answers. My mission is to create a safe and nurturing space where you can discover the support, guidance, and encouragement necessary to cope with the emotional, psychological, and practical aspects of living with cancer.

Breast Care Specialist Nurse

The Lister Hospital 2019 - 2022

  • Lead breast care nurse, supporting newly diagnosed patients with breast cancer, providing support and information regarding treatment plans, verbal and written.

  • Teaching ward nurses all aspects of breast cancer care.

  • Macmillan advocate.

Breast Care Specialist Nurse

Harley Street Clinic 2018

  • Supporting patients from initial diagnosis through surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and reconstructive surgery (predominantly DIEP) 

  • Supporting consultants in clinic

Breast Care Specialist Nurse

  • Setting up of a new breast care service, allowing patients instant access to all imaging, biopsies, surgical consultations with results given as quickly as possible. 

  • Co-ordination of multi-disciplinary team meetings.

  • Support of patients diagnosed with breast cancer giving information and advice in the beast centre and on the surgical ward.

  • Supporting Consultants and patients in surgical clinics.

  • Writing up of patient notes, results co-ordination

  • Teachings on the ward around the different types of surgery and treatment for breast cancer.

Breast Care Specialist Nurse/Chemotherapy Sister

  • Sister in specialist unit supporting 7 oncology consultants, deputising for Chemotherapy Lead as necessary.

  • Admitting patients, phlebotomy, cannulation, administering chemotherapy and associated treatments. 

  • Provide information and support for all areas of patient treatment from alleviation of side effects to financial, emotional and practical support

  • Audit notes, book investigations and procedures.

  • Sole responsibility as specialist Breast Care Nurse attending breast surgeon clinics

  • Liaise with consultants and other departments ensuring consistency and continuity of treatments

  • Visit/counsel surgical breast patients on the ward. Arrange home chemotherapy services

  • Sole responsibility for overseeing implementation of the Ardeo personal clinical desktop computer system to implement “best practice” systems and procedures

Staff Nurse

  • Staff nurse in a team of 9 working on a highly active chemotherapy unit

  • Responsible for admitting/treating up to 5 patients a day 

  • Managed all elements of care from admission to follow up

Staff Nurse, Oncology Unit

  • Managed nurse led unit for 4 oncologists. Phlebotomy, ordering and administering Chemotherapy delivering service within budget 

  • Linked with local Cancer Network, updating policies/procedures to ensure seamless and informed journey throughout patient’s treatment

Research Sister, Oncology

  • Managing all investigations and documentation results

  • Responsible for patient care and counselling on chemotherapy trials

  • Liaised with drug company monitors providing all documentation required

Staff Nurse - International

  • Camp Nurse USA

  • Oncology ward, Australia

Student Nurse

  • Staff Nurse training

  • All aspects of nursing care

Dedicated and Experienced

Experience and Qualifications

Over thirty years working in the NHS and private sectors, supporting and treating cancer patients and their families

Care. Help. Advice. Support.

Remember, you are not alone. Together, we can confront the challenges that cancer presents, celebrating every milestone and finding joy in even the smallest victories. Take the first step on your journey towards a life filled with resilience, strength, and renewed purpose. Reach out to Alison today, and let us embark on this transformative path together.

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