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Calm Sea

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Your Cancer Support Network.

The calm, measured and gentle reassurance you offer having "seen it all” is vital. From the moment of diagnosis, through treatment, cure and the aftershocks that come along, you give continual, human, considered and unique help which is always a huge mental support. There is no doubt that your vast medical experience is essential when reassurance and solid advice and support is vitally needed. Thank you.

Katherine L

Dear Alison Thank you so much for the loan of the book, brilliantly useful and reassuring and more to the point thank you for all the incredible support.


Alison. I wanted to say you have such a difficult role to play everyday and you do it brilliantly especially
through the various stages of knowing the scientific outcome. Gratitude.


Alison could not have been more professional and kind to me from the moment I met her. Like many other chemo novices, I was a nervous beginner.Her knowledge ( without snowing me with incomprehensive jargon) was hugely helpful.The couple of times I hit rock bottom her immensely encouraging chat picked me up off the bottom.Her firm but sympathetic approach is designed for this job: when she urged me to eat more it was without any charmless bossiness. I knew that  she understood my appetite was on strike but she had to get the message across.


What Clients Say


As a professional coach I believe in helping my clients to set and reach goals. 


I can help to get to grips with the situation and give all the advice needed.


Everyone needs support. I know just how hard working in a clinical environment can be.